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Connecting Immigrants Past and Present, One Story at a Time.

In conjunction with our organizational Instagram account @carecen_ny, CARECEN manages @our.story.us. Our Story is an archive dedicated to sharing and celebrating generational stories of migration to the United States. This country is built on the traditions, beliefs, memories, struggles, and exploitation of people from all over the world. Through the transformative power of storytelling and documenting shared migration narratives, Our Story will help unify immigrants across the country and invite profound reflection about ancestral histories. 

Given our broken immigration system and a xenophobic culture that is now more visible than ever, we hope that both the storytellers and our page followers will see this account as a space for empowerment, belonging, and refuge. We can tell the story of life in immigrant America; the sacrifices and victories of our ancestors, our families, and our children. This is a place where their voices will be heard, the impact of the immigration process will be documented, and truth will be celebrated.

Tell your Story.  Use your voice. Share Your Truth.

What is your story? Whether you are a newcomer to the United States, or your family has been here for generations, we invite you to share your story by clicking "Submit a Story." Please contact ourstory@carecenny.org for more information. 


If you do not want to share a migration story but still would like to contribute to this project, please consider donating.

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The Inspiration For Our Story

The First Our Story Submission, By Matt Alevy