Students Rise Fundraiser

At CARECEN we recognize that immigrants arriving to Long Island have needs that go far beyond legal representation. Our annual Students Rise Fundraiser is just one of the many ways we ensure that our clients have the tools to thrive in their new communities. 

Over 60 families are in need of supplies!

Last year, in response to the results of a survey of community needs conducted by CARECEN’s team of staff and volunteers, we were able to distribute $6,650 in gift cards and 240 fleece jackets to 110 immigrant households in our community. Given the feedback we have received from our clients, this year we have identified items that would be most useful to families and students and listed those on our Amazon Wishlist. The feeling of confidence that comes from showing off a new backpack on the first day of school is something that most of us felt in our lifetime, and by choosing one from CARECEN’s School Supply Wish List you can ensure that a student in our community gets to feel that sense of pride and belonging.

Our Impact

For the past three years, our school supply fundraiser has equipped immigrant students with the resources they need for academic success! As a mother of four, Maria* was thrilled when her children were provided with backpacks and supplies by CARECEN in 2019. She states that the pens she and her family use at home serve as a daily reminder of her gratitude for CARECEN’s assistance: “I received many pens, and I still have a couple at home. This reminds me of the help I received from CARECEN in 2019.” Like many of our clients, Maria and her husband face systemic barriers that place them at risk of financial stress even in normal times. The current economic crisis has further exacerbated these circumstances for Maria’s family, and immigrant families all across Long Island and NYC. With your help, we can support the educational dreams of immigrant students on Long Island!

*The client’s name has been changed for privacy protection purposes.





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