Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

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Temporary Protected Status is granted to individuals who are a national of a country designated for TPS or individuals without nationality who last habitually resided in a designated country and who meet other eligibility requirements.


The Secretary of Homeland Security designates a country for TPS due to temporary issues like ongoing armed conflict, environmental disaster, an epidemic, or other extraordinary and temporary conditions.

The following countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are currently designated for TPS: 

  • El Salvador

  • Haiti

  • Honduras

  • Nicaragua

  • Venezuela 


Other designated countries are:

  • Burma

  • Nepal

  • Sudan

  • South Sudan

  • Syria

  • Yemen 



Individuals who are TPS beneficiaries or who seem TPS eligible from the initial review of their cases are not removable from the United States, can obtain work authorization, and may be granted travel authorization.


There are several criteria that make an individual ineligible for TPS, including a criminal background where a felony or two or more misdemeanors in the United States was committed, inadmissibility regulations, subjugation to asylum bars, time at which you are filing, and several other factors.

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