It Is Our Right

It is Our Right, by Gabriela Calahorrano

Artist's Statement 

"With this painting, I wanted to tell a different immigrant narrative. One that shows strength, resilience, passion, and the pursuit of an American dream. I used our current political climate, RBG’s death, the pandemic, the constant change and challenges in immigration law, and the emotions of our CARECEN staff members, as sources of inspiration.


The three young girls, that are White, Latino, and Black, offer a glimpse of the diversity of our nation's children as a result of immigration from all over the world. They wear black judicial robes with reference to RBG's leadership to represent an emerging generation of strong advocates that will continue the work that RBG started. Around their necks, dissent collars display their opposition to what is happening in the world right now, especially with regards to the political climate and the constant changes to immigration law. The young Latina girl holds a candle, to both mourn RBG’s death and demonstrate how younger generations are our hope for a better future; she holds the light, despite our current events.


The face masks that cover their mouths represent the reality of life during the pandemic, but more importantly emphasize how our children are silenced by many of the changes in the laws that directly or indirectly affect their world and their future.


The background, filled with blues, reds, yellows, oranges and browns, is meant to capture the emotions of our staff when responding to the constant changes in immigration law. Blue stands for hope, red stands for anger and the desire to continue fighting for equality and immigrants’ rights, and yellow/orange stand for a desire to remain hopeful despite the continuous changes in immigration law. Lastly, brown stands for mixed emotions and the tension between frustration and the attempt to remain optimistic."

Purchasing Information

Dimensions:  24in x 30in

Original available for purchase. Please contact Emma Winkley at for more information about the piece or to inquire about purchasing.