Immigrant Community Navigator


The Navigator Program services include a variety of community-based programs that assist the Long Island immigrant community in navigating the resources, services, and programs available to them throughout the region.

At the start of 2018, CARECEN began a new Immigrant Community Navigator initiative, funded through New York State’s Office for New Americans. This is a multi-faceted initiative focused on creating cross-disciplinary coalitions and connecting immigrants to needed services while simultaneously facilitating a thorough needs assessment of the Long Island immigrant community. This program focuses on low-income immigrants who are particularly vulnerable to socioeconomic challenges.

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During the first three years of this program, CARECEN partnered with the National Center for Children in Poverty to conduct research and compile white papers and reports. These needs assessment of the Long Island immigrant community, provide evidence-based research that can inform the work of advocates, community members, local officials, and other stakeholders throughout the region.

Our Work

Activities in the Navigator program include:

  • Roundtables: Small discussions with community leaders, advocates, and individuals regarding the challenges to immigrant integration, especially for low-income community members. These roundtables take place in various communities across Long Island and provide a wider understanding of what the individual and shared challenges are throughout the region.


  • Community Conversations: Community conversations provide an opportunity for community members to share their experiences and perspectives in a guided discussion with particular emphasis on the challenges faced by low-income members of the community.

  • Workforce Development Workshops: Past workshop topics have included workplace technology and professional email use, dressing for interviews and professional settings, resume writing tips, basics of workers’ rights, and the NY State paid family Leave benefits. Other topics of need/interest are always open for consideration.


  • Community Impact Days: Impact days provide a wide-ranging opportunity to conduct targeted outreach about identified needs in the community.

  • Navigator Volunteer Trainings: Previous Navigator volunteer trainings have employed CARECEN’s decades of experience as a legal service nonprofit by providing information and materials about immigration challenges, especially on Long Island. The trainings have flexibility in the training topics, and we’ve experienced success with this immigration/legal challenges theme. 




Our Immigrant Community Navigator is Karla Alas. For more information please contact We're always happy to partner with you for Navigator activities and bring this program to all communities across Long Island.

Part of the New York State Office for New Americans Long Island Immigrant Community Navigator Program