Pathway to English

 Empowering new Americans to bridge gaps in culture and  communication through language learning and civic awareness 

In July 2016, was CARECEN and Pathway to Citizenship was excited to launch a new program: Pathway to English. Through Pathway to English, Long Island immigrants in Nassau and Suffolk counties will have access to free English classes at our offices. Each quarter, Pathway to English enrolls approximately 130 students into English classes, starting from Beginner 1 to Intermediate levels.


The Pathway to English program is designed to provide learners with the language and literacy skills they need in order to succeed in their new community. Through improved English skills, students are able to bridge gaps in communication in their everyday activities and navigate new environments. In January 2018, Pathway to English began incorporating an online learning platform through Off 2 Class. So far, it has been a hit! We are excited to see where the future will lead us.

Contact US

CARECEN Pathway to English Contact numbers:

Main P2E Office Phone - 516-280-8922 

Hempstead Google Voice - 516-350-0451 text/call

Brentwood Google Voice - 631-339-0093 text/call

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