Helping refugee children, one bench press at a time 

The Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN) provides free legal services to children fleeing rampant violence, gangs and instability in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. In the past three years alone, Long Island has become home to more than 5,000 of these young refugees. CARECEN is the lead non-profit on Long Island serving these children, and legal services like those CARECEN provides are the single greatest determining factor in whether these children face deportation or will be allowed to remain safely in the United States.


Their need is great. So, in order to help these children, on March 19th, CARECEN attorneys Danielle Alvarado and Elise Damas are competing in a powerlifting competition. They are the BARBelles


Support the BARBelles
All of the funds raised by the BARBelles will be used to continue providing free legal services to refugee children living on Long Island. In order for the BARBelles to be successful, we need your help. 

Show your support by:

1) donating (either a fixed amount or pledge one dollar for each pound they lift)

2) purchase BARbelles gear to show off your support

3) spreading the word to your friends, family and colleagues

4) coming out and cheering them on at the meet on March 19th 

Hempstead, NY 

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